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9887 Schools listed in England and Wales!
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What is it all about?

Welcome to Skoola, a place for parents to openly read, and add, reviews of their child's school.

But that's not it. Parents can also score their child's school on our simple five star rating system,
helping to give other parents around the country a clearer picture when choosing a school.
And with 9887 schools currently listed in our ever-growing database, you're sure to find your child's
school – so join the fun and let the world know what your son or daughter's school is really like.

So first thing's first. Search for any school profile in the School Finder to the right, and start reviewing schools!

Who is it for?

No children allowed. This service is for adults ONLY.
But if you're looking for contact or background information on any school in England, then you're welcome to take a look around.

Recently added schools

In our ongoing effort to keep up to date, we are constantly adding new schools to our database.
Below our are latest 5 schools.


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9887 Schools currently listed in England and Wales!

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